Wilma burgess - when you're not around

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The eFlora expands on the content of TJM2, including descriptions of taxa not included in the print book (. waifs, agricultural weeds), substantive revisions of scientific content for some taxa, and many errata and other small changes made relative to the print book.

  • Summary of Revision 1 (2013) , Revision 2 (2014) , Revision 3 (2015) , and Revision 4 (2016) including downloadable supplements for TJM2
  • List of all errata and other small changes

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The Ogorsell Civil War Collection .
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Sandy Driggers Mosiman was born Jan. 3, 1947 to Sebron Leo and Margueritte Grice. She went peacefully to be with the Lord on Oct. 30, 2017 at her home on Lake Bistineau. She graduated from Fair Park High School in 1964. On Jan. 31, 1966 she gave birth to Toya Corrine Gaidry. She moved from Louisiana in 1968, living in several states before residing in Kaufman in 1973. She started working for the . Postal Service in 1973 and retired in 2003. She moved back to Louisiana in 1986 to live on the lake.

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Wilma Burgess - When You're Not AroundWilma Burgess - When You're Not AroundWilma Burgess - When You're Not AroundWilma Burgess - When You're Not Around